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If you conduct business and travel internationally, World Currency Exchange can help you manage your foreign exchange transactions effectively.

World Currency Exchange has built its reputation as a leading financial institution by specializing in retail foreign exchange markets. As a specialist, we focus exclusively on providing foreign exchange expertise to the corporate world. Therefore, you generally receive better rates of exchange and a higher level of service than traditional banking institutions. We strongly encourage you to try our services and in particular our Currency-On-Call program and compare World Currency Exchange’s level and range of services.

Currency-On-Call is introduced specifically to serve our corporate clients. World Currency Exchange prides itself to have among its numerous clientele base from Fashion houses, Banks, Investment Bankers, Brokers, Media and many more.

Currency-On-Call is designed to make it easier and more convenient for you to conduct foreign exchange transactions. Currency-On-Call is a highly personalized service offering competitive exchange rates. And unlike many traditional financial institutions, Currency-On-Call monitors market trends that provide businesses with up-to-the-minute information on the market conditions that affect specific currencies. Currency-On-Call allows you to buy/sell foreign currencies via telephone or fax with the same day delivery.

In addition to the above, make World Currency Exchange your final stop for all your financial needs. World Currency Exchange offers a range of other financial services, to name a few: Instant Wire Transfers to almost anywhere in the world, Money Orders, Cash Advances, Foreign Drafts, Travelers Checks, ATM, Credit Card Payments, Notary Services etc.


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